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Hi, I'm really happy you have found your way to my website, let me tell you a bit about myself.

When I left school at 16, I knew I wanted to work in sports and fitness. I loved training and knew my future had to be built around health and fitness. My first love was Judo when I was 8 years old and this developed into Thai Boxing and traditional boxing. I competed in these sports during my teens and early twenties. I played on the school Basketball team and competed in Badminton for the school youth centre. I also got heavily involved in weight lifting during my teen years. I competed in Reebok challenge fitness competitions long before they became the cross-fit we know today, in my day it was a set course of Cardio, weights and body weight exercises against the clock.

Finally, I went on to powerlifting during my late twenties early thirties. After leaving school, I studied sports and leisure at Southwark college along with A-level sports studies. During this time I also qualified as a fitness instructor with the YMCA and qualified under B.A.W.L.A as a weight lifting coach, all before my 18th birthday. I have always enjoyed studying and science has always fascinated me, I’m that annoying kid who always asks “but why?”.

More recently this curious and analytical mind set has led me to understand the importance of many factors outside the gym. I have expanded my skills and qualifications to focus on the latest science and research, in nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise physiology. I am a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach and hold qualifications in sports nutrition, as well as coaching. I am currently studying for a BSc degree in Nutritional Therapy.

My scope of practice as a nutrition and life style coach is here.

The UKHCA scope of practice is here.

Why I'm different from many coaches & personal trainers

I’m invested in an evidence based approach to coaching in order to get you the results you deserve. I spend a lot of time and resources studying the most up to date research and data. Many of you wanting to improve your performance and health, can find all this information overwhelming. What’s true, whats not!!

If, like me, you enjoy reading primary research and medical studies for fun, you can start to make sense of all the noise. The problem is, even if you are fascinated by the science, spending hours and hours with your head deep down a rabbit hole can be tedious and not everyone has the time. This is where I’m different. I do this research for you and have the experience to apply it to you in a program that makes it useful for you. I have become heavily involved with the evidence-based community and have made lots of friends. They range from Ph.D. to MD to highly experienced coaches and trainers. This network is an invaluable resource helping me get even better results for you.

To help you become a Stronger, Bigger, Leaner, BETTER You

I offer an online service, working 1:1 with you to reach your goals. I only work with a maximum of 20 clients at any one time. This allows me to provide a completely tailored program for you, and be available to give you the quality of service you deserve. I run a waiting list when the program is full, and provide useful news letters and information until your spot is available. I cover all aspects of nutrition, lifestyle and exercise for you, this includes sleep, non exercise activity, recovery by using HRV (heart rate variability), and exercise. It doesn’t matter if you have never been to a gym before and hate the idea, or are an athlete reaching for that extra few seconds or kg’s, I have you covered.


Scroll down for a full list of my services with more details.


In Person Services

Metabolic Testing with PNOE Metabolic Cart

The PNOĒ metabolic analysis system brings you the level of personalisation in nutrition and workout that was previously only available in laboratories.

Accurately measures your VO2 Max

Measure your BMR (how many calories your body burns at rest)

Find out how much fat your body is burning and how to improve it.

Measure how long you stay in each of your training zones.

Get info you can use to design your nutrition and training.

Having a flexible metabolism is really important, it can be very useful to know how efficiently your body is burning fat. It can also be helpful to measure how many calories your body burns at rest, this is your BMR (base metabolic rate) and this is used to calculate your calorie expenditure. VO2 Max is also an excellent way to measure your cardiovascular fitness and improvements, to make sure your training is having the results you want.


This service comes with optional full initial recommendations (*additional fee applies) or you can simply choose to take the data and share it with the professional of your choice.

Here’s a link to the PNOE verification study.


(Near infrared spectroscopy)

This service is a little more advanced and can be used in combination with metabolic testing. Essentially it will measure what oxygen levels in the blood in your working muscles is doing during exercise. I place the special sensors on the muscles concerned and they send the real time info to a monitor. The info is also recorded, for later analysis in more depth.

This information is integral in identifying what is limiting an athletes performance. At some point you will hit a point you can’t go faster, or can’t maintain a peak output for longer. There are two main limiters that could be responsible, they're called supply and utilisation. Supply limitations happen when you can’t get enough oxygen to your muscle, we will see levels of oxygen to your muscle drop to around 20%. This means to improve performance, you need to supply more oxygen to your muscle. Utilisation limitation happens when you're not using all the oxygen you have available in the muscle. We might see oxygen levels of around 40%, but you’re still unable to maintain or increase output despite having oxygen available in the muscle. In this example, you will need to work on using the oxygen in order to improve. We can now look at what system is causing the limiter, cardiac or respiratory. If it’s a cardiac limiter, we will see your heart is not getting the blood to your muscles efficiently enough, and in the case of a respiratory limiter, we see you're not removing CO2 from your blood quickly enough. You can also measure muscular limiters. Let’s take a squat. Are you utilising all the muscles that contribute to the lift. Using NIRS, we can see if oxygen is being used in all the muscles that can power a squat. If not you can identify which ones and design your training to fire up the underworked muscles, leading to heavier lifts.

Identifying your limiter means you can work on what’s holding you back making every workout move you closer to your goals in leaps and bounds.


I can work with you and your coach if you are training under one. I can also offer the option of initial recommendations or just the pure data for you to take away.

Here's a link to a PDF with more information on NIRS.

Online Services

1:1 Online Coaching

Build that muscle and strength and shred that body fat, all without destroying your health. My aim is to make you a better human being and to help you develop the skills you need to keep improving. I don’t want to make you dependent on me long term, this is not making you better. I want you to reach you goals and I will be with you for as long as that takes, but during this process I want to teach you how to keep reaching your goals. This is why I only work with 20 clients at a time.

This service is completely tailored to your goals and needs. I’m there for you every step of the way, holding you accountable and making sure you get it done. Life often takes an unexpected turn, work or family commitments, injuries, a bout of flu, or perhaps a well earned holiday. I ensure whatever happens, I’m with you so your program changes as quickly as your life can, keeping you on track to reach your goals.

You will benefit from:

A full nutritional analysis and plan designed to reach your goals without leaving you hungry or lacking in any important nutrients.

Nutrition tracking app to log your food and metrics like weight and tape measurements.

Complete tracking of your progress with regular updates to your e-mail.

A fully personalised exercise program direct to your phone. Including, log and track your workout results, video analysis of exercises, full instructional videos of each exercise in your workout, and the ability to leave comments for me to reply to.

Track sleep (requires a device) and make changes that will help improve your sleep, boosting your progress and health.

Lifestyle changes that will help your goals and long term health as well as improving the quality of your life.

Bio feedback for exercise selection.

Track your recovery and stress by using HRV (heart rate variability)

avoiding over training and keeping your immune system in good shape.

Weekly check ins via email to keep you on track and answer any questions you may have.

Body composition changes you can keep long term.

Better health.

1:1 Online Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

This service is designed for those who already have a personal trainer or coach and just want nutritional coaching. It may also be suitable for you, if training is really not your thing and you want to work on just your health without such a heavy focus on exercise. You’ll have all the benefits of my complete 1:1 service but without the exercise program.

60 Minute Assessment Call

We discuss:


Your current and future goals.

Your macro and micro nutrients and meal timing.

Your current fitness regime.


Your training history.

Health issues.

Your lifestyle including sleep.

Next steps for you to reach your goals.


I can then make some recommendations and you can take these to start

working towards your goals, confident you’re going in the right direction.


I can’t guarantee a place on my 1:1 program, but I appreciate the chance

to talk to you, and am happy to help in any way I can.


Fill in the application form below to book in your 60 minute call.

Get in touch

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All enquiries are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

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